"If you want to keep the loot, go ahead, the internet is nice
and it is still better to escort reviews, both Italian and
foreign sites. Who is the cause of his illness, he must then
cry himself. You've been warned.

( I didn't understand this but seems i was warned of something??
Did he go to the same "class", where taught science how to sabotage as a survival kit?)

I wish you all evil, and in particular that Ginger died, and
that you'll get sick of breast cancer. So I'm sure that if you
died today, it would not matter to anyone, certainly not to me


(Sweetie really goodbye, okay? Calm down and go to bed ​:))

I'll continue to fuck other after you. Even I have to go
on, and in this regard, I would like to get back the gifts I gave you. Because at
the end of the month comes to Rome for a tour , a girl ( Ex You dream Girl agency )
who I always so rewarding to bed and no problem, I would like to recycle gifts that
I did with her will. There are no problems now and then, surely you did not bring
gifts to the store to make you give money in behind.
Sure of your fairness, some gift of your willingness to recover gifts.
Ps. Watch does not need to see you, I wait outside the palace

Ps. The shoes I have not returned, truly after ns. Sunday evening meeting,
I was on the Via Salaria, and I boarded a 18 year old street prostitute. We
went to the hotel and I I gave her the shoes and she gave me her perfect ass.
A serious professional, I probably see her again with pleasure , a cost of 70
Euros per hour is great

"Name​" stop creating drama.
There are wonderful girls and great guys for us.
I need nothing from you, and please do not write me anymore.

Goodbye, enjoy your life fully:"

PS 1 : One thing I want to repeat it, it pisses me off the thought that you are using the lingerie that I gave you, PS 2 : The I sent by courier shoes. I did not go no girl after our meeting. PS 3 : lipstick I gave you is called burning flame in the catalog Chanel, it is no coincidence, ..

(Not only after all he feels welcome to spam e-box, he tells what to do!
As nothing happened...)

For some people it is difficult but most can imagine, if you are a male, imagine switching the places and read it as if a girl wrote this to you. And you did nothing wrong or harmful to her,or anyone or the planet.

I just refused to go out for a drink, after 2h meeting already overstaying half an hour.

Feel like i have been right exactly there before,  different narc but the story is the same :))