What Narcissists really are - undeveloped humanoid eggs

"In truth, Narcissists are parasites with nothing valuable to offer society. They leach off other people for emotional strength. Not once to Narcs look within and try to become a better person. Narcissists chose to keep up an illusion of adequacy instead of pursing an accomplishment of their own. They like the illusion that they are caring, but prefer to emotionally overpower others, using words to make you react, to make you sad, ashamed, or angry."

"Often, narcissists glibly sneak bad ideas about others into your head. They do this by chipping away at that person's image subtly and relentlessly every time they mention him or her. Often perfuming the bad offering to cover up its smell."

"Facts and evidences are stubborn things but some minds are even more stubborn"

Even a dog has empathy and remorse. But not a narcissist.

"Narcissistic leaders often say that they want teamwork. What that means in practice is that they want a group of yes-men."

"It’s likely that you will fight for decency and morality. Before long you’ll find yourself lecturing and prescribing ‘correct behavior’ as if you were talking to a 5 year old."

The Narcissist Fights Dirty.

"Many of us have more than one narcissist in our lives. That’s the way it often goes. Narcissists are drawn to certain types of people, and they definitely recognize someone who has already been “primed” through previous abuse. 

Narcissists hate us, and when we catch on to them, they hate us more. They also hate each other, but since we know what they are, we are enemy number one. They will very gladly gang together to throw us under a bus. They will also use each other to triangulate and hurt us–to destroy our self-esteem and make us feel dependent on them. They want us to think we don’t deserve anything better."

"They recognize that the other is just as sick as they are, and they will probably hate each other, but they WILL tag-team to hurt you. A narcissist will use whomever they can so they can keep you from exposing what they really are."


Key Information about Narcissists Transforms these Abusers into Amusers.  S'amuser bien...