Gnoccaforum - anything that narcissist is trying to say read it backwards.
If they react with silent treatment on you, telling that your voice doesn't matter, and invalidating you - that means your voice matters and actually incredibly valid, maybe even scary :o)

"While they seem to lack any motivation to be and do good, they intensely desire to look good."

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“We need only two laws: Assholery and Criminal Stupidity.”
- Senior Patrol Officer Mike Doyle

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"Trying to close the mental gap between their own unrealistically high expectations for themselves and their actual average or below average performance. “It’s hard to keep up that image of themselves when reality keeps slapping them in the face.”

It is not a very big secret these narcissistic review sites, are they?

"Private sex-industry message boards are buzzing with stories of how Dave Elms, the now-jailed founder of TheEroticReview.com, removed reviews of escorts who refused to offer him free sex in exchange for maintaining their good standing on his influential site....
When Elms told Ashley, "I can show you the business if you come stay with me," she replied, "I don't need you to. I'm going to start my own website for the girls so we didn't need boards like yours."

Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving.  –  William Shakespeare, Othello (II,iii)

"The first is the site’s blatantly “bros before hos” philosophy...Besides the fact that this allows enemies to plant bad reviews to hurt a provider’s business,"
Yes, TER is the site that used stalker EFR and my TER experience resonates with The Honest Courtesan and Ashley articles. Their policy of removing reviews is totally irrational at very least, it was allowed withing first three months they said. Mentality type was recognized, they don't understand when you treat them nicely and dialog switched to the dry assertive language which eventually had been heard. Probably because of being them called out by publicity before. 

Back to exposed/self-exposed Gnocca:

"While they seem to lack any motivation to be and do good, they intensely desire to look good."

Che questo sito era il "migliore", è opinabile. Troppe ristrettezze, troppa censura, moderatori troppo accaniti e pronti ad attaccarsi a tutto, anche ai piu' banali errori o commenti.


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Don’t look for consciousness where there is none. -Ekkart Tolle
where only is psychological darkness, the mental poop they have stuffed down to the basement that will eventually come out.
They did it to their own brain, now they want to be in charge and do the same to yours. 
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Hello Gnoccaforum (sent to THE "Global moderator Enigmista*" on 7th Feb.2017 and to the gnocca@gnoccaforum.com on 8th Feb 2017)

I am .... an escort writing to ask you to remove all topics related to my name, all comments also where were mentioned my name on the reason that I refuse to tolerate emotional, sexual abuse towards myself, betray of trust..
A platform for stalking, humiliation, and controlling, place that indicates high level in demonstrating insidious behaviour towards myself that contradicts social norm and officially considered to be anti-social, not the place where i want to be.

My  place is the place where my interests, needs, wishes and desires are met, discussed, acknowledged, addressed and accepted and not minimized, not denied, not depersonalized.

I refuse to be part of negativity towards myself portrayed by your members that benefits them, or towards any other escort and ask you to remove all texts where were mentioned my name.

​On your site I​
​a ​victim of two smear campaigns,​ initiated by abusive client who I refuse​d​
to satisfy his joy to hurt​ me,​ who is still on ​forum and operates with using multi-profile​s,​  proofs and evidences of him behaving so, as malignant narcissist or a psychopath, who is easily recognized despite him having different nicknames, who stalks me still for almost three years.

Part of my healing, surviving emotional slander is not letting myself into similar situation again and not let abusive behaviour last and continue or have any chance of initiating this again. 

I encourage you to study narcissistic abuse motives, behaviour and tactics and modify your business and particular members behaviour towards  becoming socially friendly and human towards females and equally treat all members.

I hope my request is understood and will be met. In case i attached quotes and definitions for further validation for my request.

Wish you all the best,

* "Enigmista" is not that Enigmatic as all these brain dead jokers wish to appear.

“Yeah, I've seen the face of evil - and it is a moron.”
- Anonymous police officer describing his career to a writer

tip for growing fingers, balls or vagina (last comment RE)

the tip to grow a bit of balls
and count right my body holes
four fingers need to get somewhere
so far i am taking only pair
Image result for middle finger with smile

but maybe fingers were too small
or maybe he was tripping all
​for sure there something must be bigger
my middle finger​? damn, go figure...
part II
lets recommend him grow vagina
in case his balls are too fragile
vagina takes hits well enough
some may consider get this stuff

ode to the potato man

the man who opened gnocca topic
who has me lost from his eyesight
he wasn't really myopic
and checked youtube this parasite

one has to check my channel daily
to let them know about lady
how come potato got informed?
within one day prepare report?

potato made in club furor
got caught with fake review error
despite he first declared my change
the reason missed...that sounds strange

if news were worth for him to wonder
where did i leave and asked whole team
how come he missed me ask the reason
how come he missed to ask motive?

Allora...dopo stranger mixture
him desperately watched object
has happened him to write this picture
as if she's wreaked, all faults project

​he fact me being on his list, my films him watching​ in persist
he did discover file X-IKS, that age her maybe sixty six...

We were amazed and asked him how
that's super smart and clairvoyant
he said, yes, well I am man WOW
I've read and spread this paranoia

It doesn't matter if i visit (no)
i don't believe my eyes say true,
i trust two previous opinions
among majorities view

I had to add to validate
a fraud I made before stayed lonely
no matter if i had no date
my aim to fool you and her only

my fun is draining narc supply
and therefore i must lie lie
reality for me's too painful
i am weak and dull in its full
raised up from first grade utter bully
i have become a master bull 

i am empty gallon, have no virtue
instead of working on my self
what makes me feel: up tight and safe
it is easy if i steal and hurt you
instead of growing and be brave

i tell the world you old and ugly
can nothing right to do and say
i multiply that over blindly
potato man, Bob and rm-A
i come and say im Masha Rossi
you will remember me for long!

let down Edwar-da from Wrong? ???

i punish you for being bossy

and not becoming my belong....

***part II***

despite him answering no question
and clearly showing he is a fraud
he also used triangulation
and blamed on me his tactics broad

Potato told I am so jealous
for saying actually no word
he screamed in panicking quite hellish
for calling him on his absurd

and mask slipped fast, that noticed Gnocca
when moron started loosing grip
erased his posts exposed this joker
and let this criminal get skipped...


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Prose on accusing in jealousy by the narcissist:

first question to who?
second for what?

What i miss, and to who i should "feel less than" in your eyes?

And what would make me look not jealous? Letting you-fraud continue the abuse? More over you are fraud you are also rude asshole and stupid. There are why:

Those who blame others in jealousy those who actually are jealous.
Tell on yourself more idiot and dream your dream that all people as stupid and insecure as you are.

Your prepared theater with no end of abuse, from fake meeting, humiliating review to the slamming my character, just to get attention at my expense? What about getting attention by your own efforts without dumping anyone who does.
If you don't like somebody by whatever reason you have a right for that, but also stay away from my face, my pages, my business this is my right to you.
Happy people don't have to humiliate anyone, make feel "less than", accuse with no evidence and lie!
It is 100% test on people.
Normal not psychotic people may not like everyone but they don't make up stories and smear people, they don't shut them up.

What a mistake, taking me for somebody who wouldn't stand up and speak up, bothered by thinking "i would look jealous" if i do, oh really? That how you shut people up, calling them jealous or sponsors if they blow your nonsense off using arguments, what a smart ass. And who are you? Exactly! Thanks for telling.
This is classic triangulation text-book narc tactic, all of your kind perform when target those who they are envy of, what you don't have and think should be yours, the quality of well functioned person, but you cant, therefore you attack and throw your garbage at them. It is like walking by a car, normal people would look at and maybe touch if they liked, but those bucket heads they will scratch it then run and hide.

You were called on your fraud, and fail drastically appear trustworthy, answered non of security questions and pretended being deaf, you declined free meeting offer, but you did say you will be back before, telling that you don't want free meeting and write fake positive review because of it (oops, thanks again for telling, we didn't know this is "must do" of yours: free equals positive, that was really beautiful),

All you have is multi masks and corners you hiding from. All you have is nervous energy you feed of by provoking it. All you have is dirty methods that help you to cope with life and reality, then you tell on yourself who you are and not capable to be aware of it, because you are unconscious fuck.

Once you manipulated with provoking reaction, and my duty to call your scam out, if that for you is my jealousy and recognition of you, is it? Then it is real clinical delusion case. What i recognize is your tricks and methods, what i feel towards you is shock, by imagining how it is possible to reinvent yourself in such human waste.

I know the "who is the biggest loser game", with zillions profiles and losers rules you rely on. This is not going to fly with me, im sorry.

You decided you can intrude my territory and make a mess? Fuck you dumb ass!

"They are lucid enough to know it's wrong and to not do it. The very fact that they hide from others is proof that they know they're committing atrocity."

Idiot Flame: re: EFW emails Jul 2014 - Dec 2016

Note: The name has been changed to protect the guilty.

At the rate you steal ideas and modify the concept to disguise your theft you will soon overtake unstable in the unoriginality stakes. You are an idiot, Edward from Wrong. You are an utterly f**k-witted idiot. You have oft been called an idiot and you have always failed to respond. Idiocy is the result of severe subnormal mental development. To give you some idea of what it means when you, Edward from Wrong., are called an idiot, those with IQ's in the range 51 to 70 are MORONS. Those poor souls with an IQ in the range of 26 to 50 are IMBECILES. An idiot has an IQ in the range of ZERO to 25.

Your mental incompetence is so profound, Edward from Wrong., that I doubt you even remotely comprehend the depth of the insult hurled at you when you are told that you are an idiot.

It wouldn't be so bad if people called you a cretin, a moron or an imbecile, but they don't. They call you an idiot. At least imbeciles are in the second order of mental retardation, far above your level of idiocy and possessing a mental age of 6 or 7 years. Imbeciles are mentally feeble, stupid, silly and absurd. Goodness, not even regular cretins are as low on the retard scale as you, Edward from Wrong.

Idiots, such as you, Edward from Wrong., are incredibly wretched beings who are so deficient in nervous energy that they lie around like breathing blobs of jelly. Idiots have little or no motoneuron function to speak of and are incapable of even wafting away flies that land on their faces. Idiots have no bowel control whatsoever and at best communicate their discomfort with their soiled nappies by languidly moving their heads from side to side and maybe uttering the occasional grunt. Idiots, such as yourself, Edward from Wrong, are spoon-fed like 8 month old babies with sloppy, half-chewed, over-cooked vegetables for fear they may choke. Indeed, idiots are mostly incapable of chewing. Idiots have no speech capacity and your Usenet posts provide empirical evidence of your idiocy in this regard. It is true, Edward from Wrong., that you are an idiot. An idiot, Edward from Wrong, a profoundly retarded and feebleminded person with a mental age not exceeding that of a three year old child. You need complete custodial care.

More on personality of Edwar-da from Wrong:

I have been observing his official social profile, where his little kids are advertising wine, holding bottles with a smile.
Imaging 4-6 years children doing that. This is normal for NPD's and psychopathic parents, use and exploit everyone they can, including their own children, the reason they reproduce.
How bizarre is this, little cuties happily holding bottles of wine he manufactures, as if it is juice or milk!
How sad to see him setting up his own children, slowly screwing their innocent mind.
These people really don't know what is healthy, don't get what they are doing to others, for them everyone is there to solve their problems: financial, mental, emotional, missing on comprehension what is appropriate and what is not. 
No words, horrible and shocking view: happy children advertising his alcohol with daddy who stalks call-girls... A picture worth a thousand words.' indeed....normalized abnormality to the unspeakable extreme. In every picture, in every post he makes he gives himself away.
Upside down, backwards,180 degree twisted mind. It is very easy once you understand this type read the facts of reality.
What they say they are -- they are the opposite; What they say they do -- they don't 
What they blame other people of -- is their faults and is their problem;
What they say theirs -- is not, it is stolen or imagined;
If they say "I like you" -- means they hate you and will treat you like one.
If they tell "you are intelligent"-- actually they think you are stupid and will treat you like one;
telling No going to be heard as Yes and VS
If they tell: I want to help you" - RUN! 
And if you are not careful and paying no attention who you are dealing with, and take them for normal people, therefore you will be questioning yourself, not long and you will be gone nuts.
Once you got aware that 1/4th of us perceive reality backwards and learn red flags" you will see them from far and let them stay there. Observing them from a distance can be quite telling and sometimes also amusing.

Fundamental human rights:

I have the right to be treated with respect.

I have the right to express your feelings, opinions and wants.

I have the right to set my own priorities.

I have the right to say “no” without feeling guilty.

I have the right to have opinions different than others.

I have the right to take care of and protect myself from being threatened physically, mentally or emotionally.

I have the right to create my own happy and healthy life.

The Fundamental Human Rights are grounded in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, laws in many democratic nations protecting against abuse, exploitation, and fraud.

These rights represent your boundaries. As long as you do not harm others, you have the right to stand up for yourself and defend your rights. On the other hand, if you bring harm to others, you may forfeit these rights.

Of course, many narcissists do not respect that you have these rights. They believe that your world revolves around them, and that you should be at their disposal. However, you have the power and moral authority to declare that it is you, not the narcissist, who’s in charge of your life. 


Sexual abuse includes

  • Rape
  • Forcing or encouraging you to do sexual acts that you are not comfortable with
  • Mocking your body, or your sexuality

Financial abuse

  • Preventing you from working
  • Making you feel that if you pay for them, they will do something for you, or that they will stay with you
  • Using emotional abuse to destabilize you so that they can take control of your money and earning
  • Financial emotional blackmail
  • Sabotaging your job
  • Making you miss work
  • Restricting or withholding  access to basic necessities

Different types of emotional abuse are:

  • Putting you down either 1-1 or in front of others
  • Being controlling
  • Humiliation
  • Blaming, framing and shaming
  • Lying to you
  • Being manipulative or deceptive
  • Shouting and ranting
  • Stealing or cheating
  • Isolating you from others
  • Slandering your name – telling lies about you
  • Playing victim
  • Stalking
  • Spying/Hacking
  • False accusations and allegations

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40 Attributes of Mean Narcissistic People

1. Victim Mentality – poison, cancer, the devil
2. Triangle they vent, they replicate themselves. They inject poisonous, hateful, judgmental, harsh, shaming, negative, vicious, irrational energy into a situation - Flying Monkeys
3. Rage
4. Lie
5. Manipulate – make puppets of people
6. Judge
7. Hold Grudges
8. Selfish
9. They Don't Hear You – psychological air to breathe
10. No Empathy
11. Don't Deep Process - Blocked
12. Not Spiritual, But They Might Be Religious
13. Vicious
14. Enjoy Hurting People
15. Disconnected From Themselves And Others - "When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?" Thích Nhất Hạnh - Vietnamese Buddhist
16. Sarcastic
17. Belittling
18. Arrogant
19. Sexually All Twisted Up, it is all about the wounding
20. Scary/Intimidating
21. Ugly On The Inside
22. Clueless
23. Have To Be Right
24. Miserable
25. Have Few Genuine Friends – they have hate buddies
26. Make Threats
27. Very Litigious
28. Masks
29. Shame - Hate Themselves
30. Takers, control others
31. They Interrupt You When You Are Trying To Talk To Them
32. They Are Not Loving With Animals
33. Road Rage
34. They Project Their Stuff Onto You – B & Cheating
35. They Need To Be The Center Of Attention
36. They Cut Off Emotionally Abruptly And Cruelly
37. Frequently And Profoundly Jealous
38. Revel In The Misfortune Of Others
39. Content Oriented
40. Get Meaner In Old Age

Hey... Hammer and Nail with you today :)

I wanted to ask those, how you define for yourself what truth is? By the quantity of stars or written pages on the profile? Really? You cant be so naive! Then how?

I rarely was asked to tell the second half of the story, as if there is no possible for me to clarify. Or maybe you dont ask because you are just ashamed that you read it at all?  Well, you are right, you should be ashamed.

You don't have to tell me what i already know, when you come and try to repeat exact actions what a narcissist described, repeat exact words and perceive with his mind, yours he already made switched off...

Then you get offended being called "flying monkeys" type in every book?

Narcissist knows that, so do I.

Do you?

Narcissist surrounds himself only with dumb people or ignorant.

Are you dumb ignorant?

Narcissist will never talk about how he sees his flying monkeys, he will never tell you the truth, hope for the half true in best!

However, half truth even worse than obvious lie and they know how to twist it and feed even more BS, never straight forward but in  a covert, passive-aggressive way.

If you were to write, i observed how they make people write only according to their perception on anything. You will be rewarded or punished, banned, minimized that depends on following them or bringing up your independent honest view.

And soon in one case you are going to quit, zip them up and go, or slowly become their echo, their boot licker.

Just realize I don't have to KNOW that you read this forum, I see it when you come and act the same like you just read, or say or want...you got programmed that easily by a narcissist just because you don't have a habit to question what you read there.

Who would be wining in this game? 

Those who have to cheat to survive, life is tough for them and reality is too painful without it.  Only bigger looser can win lesser looser. Thanks i am rather not wining here.

In your first 55 difficult years of your childhood, someone who says that you are taken for a flying monkey and ridicule, or someone who gives you a medal for that? :))

Related image

Fake medal, of course...with all open chances rising up to the Generalissimos of the Global Fakery.

The answer is obvious.

Although nothing to win or loose here, people who have senses they understand what this forum is up to very quickly, they do not need anyone to tell them.

And those who don't, the narcissist can have, no problem.

Here is no competition, no sides gaining here.

I like to experiment, exercise my free will, express my view, how i feel and exercise my rights. I also like to observe slipping masks very much just by living my life, enjoying my day, being me, in my own space and see who these "nice, good, sensitive" guys that bothered by all that really are, and what their agenda is.

I am just a "why" person

You don't think they come there for you and share intimate detailed stories, often made up, to help you, entertain you out of charity and their kind heart? Then why? Then why don't you?

"There are only two ways by which to rise in this world, either by one's own industry or by the stupidity of others."
Jean de La Bruyere

Can i publish a letter like this or above on their forum? No.
Why they do not reply on my decision  to leave this clinical abusive psychotic nest?

In fact I cant post anything, got warned because I am a woman! Like not every man can have a voice there too.
So this site is not for you, this site is for you to hear one side stories.That what communists do, they take away anyone who disagrees with them. Why don't they move to North Korea if they like doin that?
Every word they say in every post there is a reason for that.

Among all directories and forums who did and understand that an escort has a choice to be reviewed or not? How come they made themselves an exception?

Because their life mission is to continue exposing themselves for who they are to more and more people. Narcissistic supply addicts, enjoying hurting, making themselves look better by diminishing others, they will starve and die without it. That is the only way they know how to feel good.
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Narcissistic people who are all about vanity, feeling special and stupid things want to appear they are intelligent and important, but they result in looking ridiculous and shallow. They want to believe they are intelligent but they are not. Their actions prove it all the time.

A sign of a truly intelligent person who would never abuse you in the first place.

Intelligent people, through their ability to analyze, often realize things which are disconcerting, which others would not see. They also are often capable of feeling more deeply, both pain and joy.

Adapted from Struggle for Intimacy, by Janet Gerringer Woititz

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Narcissistic people want you believe they smart but they actually stupid. They may know how to manipulate, how to deceive but they are stupid. 

Look at their idea what they follow, who do benefit? No one, in fact it destroys and makes things worse. Only stupid people find things and make them worse, because they only know how to do that.

Always on a constant quest for their narcissistic supply and psychopathic feeding off of LIE, CONFUSION, PROVOKING  REACTIONS, EXPLOITATION, HATRED, ENVY, PROJECTIONS, POOR ME-PITY PARTY, CONTROL, HUMILIATION and NEGATIVITY of all sorts.

Image result for happy narcissist  free life

Terrible sense of humor, childish or when someone gets hurt, or tong out and make idiotic face with grin, they think sex is funny sometimes as well, very immature and infantile, their laugh kind of on the same key, there is no personality in their laugh.They also do not understand how ridiculous they look and sound, because they are not able to reflect and question themselves being fogged in inner chaos and delusions.

They don't want to be corrected, they don't want to understand what they have done. All they want is continuing abusing you that they may feel better about themselves. Instead of making a positive change and making improvements for people. This is not intelligent this is stupid. 

The condition of being stupid is not applying yourself to the knowledge that cures it. 

Image result for light attracts sometimes your light attracts moths funny

Not possible to adapt to toxic people, how it is not possible to get used to cyanide, consume it with milk or rub yourself with essential oils after they gone, this will not help, like you cant breath traffic fumes and stay healthy.

The only way to defense from toxic products or toxic substances is to avoid them, remove or distance yourself from them, or them from yourself.

Stupid People Should Wear Signs (Note: This should be a law!)

Stupid people should have to wear signs that just say, "I'm Stupid."

That way you wouldn't rely on them, would you? You wouldn't ask them anything.

It would be like, "Excuse me...oops...never mind, didn't see your sign."

Comedian Bill Engvall

The same with toxic relationships, I cant improve them or change. From toxic people need to stay away, they basically already showed that they have no intention respecting any boundaries, in other words they are going to walk over whatever they want..nuh 

Image result for sometimes your light attracts moths

They always compete with other men in their heads, never stop asking for delivering again and again this precious feeling of superiority, by means that rules do not apply to them, it is for all other men that they want to feel superior over not them.

Once they learned rules, they have to cross them otherwise they feel like "everybody else" they cant stand it, they will demand it, they will perform mindf*ck until they break it or go, no abuse no use to them.
Insult, call names, humiliate, inflict a list of narc tactics on their way out for not giving something extra is must, because boundaries and rules are insult to them.

So they made themselves  indeed very different, "shine" from a mile and stand out using ways as they are, diabolic ways to distinguish themselves and ticked every box in 40 signs of narcissistic mean people. That's how they know how to make themselves "better"  and superior, backwards they are annoying and pathetic.

I'm not accepting this anymore, I'm not tolerating any toxicity, tolerating is enabling, tolerating is permitting it dwell in the existence.

Wish you all as myself always grow and always learn something new, narc free days!


and a bit of laughter too

WHY you are quitting sociopath (or sociopathic structure), is obvious, it is bad for

– Your finances

– Your appearance

– Your social standing

– Your freedom

– Your psychology

Psychopaths not only do not mind hurting people, they enjoy it, that what this mental disease is about.

Avoid these morons like a plague.

"Pathological narcissism is not just about having an inflated ego — it's a very serious psychological disorder."

The following must be present for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder to be made:

  • The patient's idea and importance of self is exaggerated
  • Fantasies about success and power over-dominate the patient's thoughts
  • Patients think they are special, and relate only to other "special" people
  • Patients need to be admired all the time
  • Patients believe they are entitled to most things
  • Patients manipulate and take advantage of other people
  • Patients lack empathy - the ability to feel and recognize the feelings of and needs of others
  • Patients envy other people
  • Patient's behavior comes over as haughty or arrogant.

Related image

Image result for mocking  narcissist

Anyone. Who reproach me in being disrespectful to the abuser, consider visiting psychiatrist also and as soon as possible, only someone who is fundamentally broken can respect that.

I know, these really sick zombies trash would love to see you treating them like human and respect them, while they intentionally treat you like c*ap, that would provide them with their psychopathic wank  seeing you being in denial and so deep dumb.  Absolutely disgusting fuckturds deserving nothing but utter disrespect.

Here is no respect for this BS.
Insults are not intended, intended exposure, dishing out and taste their treats & calling things as they are.

Basic Needs in Relationships

If you have been involved in emotionally abusive relationships, you may not have a clear idea of what a healthy relationship is like. Evna (1992) suggests the following as basic needs in a relationship for you and your partner: (I have changed this from "rights" to "needs" and made other small changes- S.Hein)

  • The need for good will from the others.
  • The need for emotional support.
  • The need to be heard by the other and to be responded to with respect and acceptance
  • The need to have your own view, even if others have a different view.
  • The need to have your feelings and experience acknowledged as real.
  • The need to receive a sincere apology for any jokes or actions you find offensive.
  • The need for clear, honest and informative answers to questions about what affects you.
  • The need to for freedom from accusation, interrogation and blame.
  • The need to live free from criticism and judgment.
  • The need to have your work and your interests respected.
  • The need for encouragement.
  • The need for freedom from emotional and physical threat.
  • The need for freedom from from angry outburst and rage.
  • The need for freedom from labels which devalue you.
  • The need to be respectfully asked rather than ordered.
  • The need to have your final decisions accepted.
  • The need for privacy at times.